Create and sell your NFTs in 3 steps


Register and Connect your wallet

Register and Connect BEP20-compliant wallets such as Metamask/Wallet Connect. Click on the top-right icon to enter your wallet. If you don't have a wallet, we can teach you how to create one here

Woonkly nft

Create your NFT or Collection

Upload your file (video, audio, image, or 3D art), name it, set a price and a royalty rate. Remember that the file you upload must be your property.

Woonkly accelerator & fund

You are ready to sell!

Now you need to approve, mint, and sign to upload your NFT to Woonkly. Decide whether to auction it or sell at a fixed price and accept the auction price at any time.



Woonkly is the most user-friendly NFT decentralized social network and marketplace. On Woonkly, you can create your own NFTs easily and sell or auction them on our marketplace. You will also benefit from posting your content on a social network that shares advertising revenue with its users.



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We inform you that interactions with Third-Party Smart Contracts and the handling by users of their Wallets, or seed recovery phrases (Seeds), which may result in the total or partial loss of their tokens or crypto assets, are strictly the responsibility of each user. Woonkly has no control or access over the transactions made by the users, and it is not responsible for this type of situation. Likewise, we inform you that the Official Woonkly token is the 'WoonklyPower' (WOOP), created on the BEP-20 protocol of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network, whose contract is 0x8b303d5bbfbbf46f1a4d9741e491e06986894e18. Woonkly is not responsible if any user acquires fake tokens or tokens that seek to impersonate the project's identity.